Custom Design Versus Template Websites

Choosing a digital agency that also specialises in custom made website designs has the ability to set you apart from your competitors. When deciding to invest in a website for your business you usually only have two choices: premade templates or a custom-made website design. A premade template is shared across numerous businesses, at a lower cost and is already set up. Customer website designs however are custom made to suit your business. Designing a custom-made website allows you to have a collaborative stance on the design for the finished product.

Unique to Your Business

Custom built website allows a design to made specifically to your exact needs. Premade templates are limiting as it is set only to the template rather than to your needs. You wouldn’t copy the same brand identity as another company so why use the same design as other businesses? A custom design is unique to you and your business, reinforcing a distinctive brand. This is particularly important for the current and future business goals.

Search Engine Optimisation

Custom design websites Brisbane have the ability to ensure your website is search engine optimised. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) increases the organic traffic or listings to your website. If you want to be reaching a larger audience, using SEO is a must. Utilising already made template designs give you no assurance with the use of SEO.


Utilising template aren’t well maintained. Websites built using WordPress are consistently updated to ensure minimal security concerns. Some major updates occur throughout the year and security patches are updated as required. However, template designs are not regularly updated to keep up with the changes. Therefore, your website is susceptible to breakages if WordPress was to be installed. Requiring the use of an older version puts you at risk of being hacked. Custom designed websites Brisbane also come with a dedicated support team to help with any questions you have.

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