Will SEO Benefit Your Business?

As of February 2021, Google maintains 92.05% of the search engine market. Organic search is a large part of most businesses’ website success, as well as a critical element to the buyer funnel to gain engagement. Google is the most visited website in the world and is accessed by everyone with access to the internet daily. Visibility on a highly trusted resource like google is a win for any brand. Superior SEO and an excellent website can get you there.

Good SEO Means a Better User Experience

Google is now able to interpret favourable and unfavourable user experience. Website success can be determined by the customer experience. Customers know what they want, if they can’t find it, performance will suffer. Google has improved customer experience by offering sought-after data directly on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for users.

SEO provides an inbound marketing strategy that can be easily implemented into your business. Traditional outbound advertisement such as cold calling, cold emails, interruptive ads involve reaching out to customers that may not want to hear from you. However, inbound marking through SEO, blogging and Attraction captures customers that are interested in your products and/ or services. Gaining the interaction that will benefit your business.

Get Ahead!

Today, SEO is regarded as a staple within any marketing strategy. 61% of marketers have said that improving SEO and improving online presence is a key priority. Therefore, your competitors are already taking steps to establish a high ranking. An SEO strategy can allow you to keep up and ideally stay ahead of competitors in your industry.

Small businesses find it hard to compete with large companies huge marketing budget. Through the use of SEO, you are able to compete with these businesses through organic means. An effective SEO strategy has the potential to allow you to rank better. SEO also has the potential to get your business into and explore new markets. Through the optimisation of your website you can expand it to be able to target specific keywords. These keywords will be relevant to the services or products that your company offers. Your new offerings have the ability to generate qualified leads, therefore allowing you to break into a new market.

SEO as a Business Investment

SEO costs money but in the long wrong you will most likely pay it off. However, SEO isn’t just a marketing cost; it’s a business investment. Like many other things in life it will only get better over time with greater investment. SEO services investments have the potential to drive quality traffic, growing a trusted brand name due to the increased visibility. When a customer searches for your product they expect to find you on the first page. If it is not there, customers are less likely to interact with your company.

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