We Manage Your Social Profiles & Engage With Your Followers

Are you struggling to find the time to post to your social media accounts and engage with your followers? Coming up with content and planning posts in advance can be super tiring, especially if you are putting the time into running your business!

It is important to connect to new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones through a constant flow of creative and meaningful content. At Digital Accord, we take the time to get to know you and your business so we can effectively create a social media plan to suit your business needs. We take the stress away by planning, scheduling and analysing content on each platform.

We understand that not every social media platform is suited to your business, this is why we tailor our plans to allow you to choose what platforms you would like us to work with. Whether that be, setting up new accounts or concentrating on existing profiles.

Social media platforms we work with

Google My Business

So What Do You Get?

Dedicated Social Media Manager
Social Media Content Creation
Social Media Scheduling, Publishing & Analysing


Increase Website Visitors


Increase In Conversions


Decrease In Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media management Brisbane is the overall management of your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business. The management includes content creation, postings and customer responses.

Social media is an important aspect to any business. Social media creates trust with new customers, strengthens relationships with existing cliental and allows your business to be kept front of mind. Having a dedicated team member managing social media allows for consistency and more time placed into other areas of the business.

You will receive a dedicated social media manager who will look after everything for you, from content creation, post scheduling and post analysis. You will never have to worry about social media posting again.

Yes! Social media management Brisbane gives businesses the freedom to focus on other priorities of their business rather than coming up with content and taking time out of their day to post and reply to customers online. The stress of social media and the variety of platforms is alleviated by having a dedicated manager that brings forward ideas and keeps your business top of mind to customers.

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