Understanding AI: How AI can power your Digital Marketing Strategies

Artificial intelligence (AI) is something we have all heard a lot about this year and it is available for a multitude of uses. In this blog post, we will look at how the explosion of AI can be harnessed to benefit your business and explore how you can make use of its power to excel in our shifting digital world. This is where reaching out to a Brisbane Digital Marketing Agency, such as Digital Accord, can help you harness these benefits.  

AI uses machine learning and large-language models (LLM) to analyse data on a massive scale. These capabilities have revolutionised how brands engage with consumers, analyse data, and optimise campaigns. AI-powered tools hold the power to enhance efficiency, increase ROI, and build a better consumer experience to benefit your business. Brisbane Digital Marketing Agency, Digital Accord, understands these benefits and is ready to support your business harness them too.  

  1. Data-driven insights  

AI can collect and analyse vast amounts of data quickly and derive actionable insights. Not only will this save you time, but it will offer insights that can power new and optimised campaigns. By talking to a Brisbane based Digital Marketing Agency, we can help to implement optimised campaigns.  

  1. Content personalisation  

To resonate with consumers in the current digital landscape, personalisation is key. AI can analyse past consumer behaviour, preferences, and interactions to develop targeted experiences across web pages, social media posts and emails.  

  1. Predictive analytics  

Forecasting future trends is done through analysing past data and patterns to make predictions about the future. Consulting with a Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane will allow these resources to be allocated according to predicted success of campaigns and content. 

  1. Automated content creation 

Human creativity can face blockages and a lack of data driven ideas. This is where AI can play role in igniting creativity, generating content at scale for various channels, including emails, web pages, blog posts and social media.  

  1. Chatbots and virtual assistants  

A lot of Digital Marketing Agencies, such as Digital Accord, recommend implementing chatbots and virtual assistants to improve user experiences with your business. Chatbots can significantly improve customer experience through conducting conversations, answering questions, providing personalised information, and supporting a customer right through to transaction.  

AI At Work  

As a Digital Marketing Agency here in Brisbane we know the power of AI. However, if you aren’t already convinced of the power and capabilities of AI let’s review some real-life examples of AI at work.  

NETFLIX – utilises AI to not only make recommendations based on previous viewing but also to determine the specific artwork for recommended movies or TV shows. For example, if you have been watching a lot of comedy movies recently, Netflix may choose to display comedic scenes versus romantic moments from the film in the displayed images.  

SEPHORA – similarly, beauty brand Sephora uses AI to power customer interactions with products to encourage sales. The AI-Powered chatbot used by Sephora delivers a personalized and interactive shopping experience to its customers.  

AI Prompts to Try 

AI is a widely accessible and mainstream resource that can be utilized through platforms such as Chat GPT or Google Bard. Using AI prompts can help support productivity and spark creativity. Maybe you need help conceptualizing your digital marketing campaign and objectives or maybe you just want to try it out, you can try these prompts, 

  • If I want to achieve [goal] for my business, how can I use digital marketing? 
  • What campaign objectives should I use for my business?  
  • Generate ideas for a new product launch in [month] that will incorporate [themes] 
  • Identify potential target audiences in [location] that would be interested in [product or service] 
  • Write a Facebook post introducing a new product feature to encourage [objective] highlighting [attributes]  

In conclusion, the revolutionary power of AI can be harnessed and utilised to support digital marketing growth, decision making and success. Through valuable insights, personalised experiences and streamlined operations AI can drive better results and unlock evolving opportunities for your business and success.  

If you think you would like support understanding or harnessing AI for digital marketing, contact Digital Accord today. 

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