How Can Cloud Hosting Benefit my Business?


COVID-19 has taught everyone to be flexible and resilient in different types of situations. Business owners have had to juggle their staff working from home for unpredictable periods of time. Cloud hosting allows your staff to be able to access their work files from anywhere, at any time and from any device. This allows for all support infrastructure to live in the cloud. This includes storage and network resources. Therefore, if a snap lockdown meant your team had to work from home, they would be able to access all data they would need


If your website is hosted by a single machine and it goes offline, your website is not longer available. However, if you were to utilise the cloud hosting that shares your site across numerous interconnected machines, if your site did go offline, the other machines would be able to ensure your site remains online


Cloud hosting infrastructure is designed for you to have access to a large system of resources. Even after distributing the resources between the different accounts, there will be a generous amount of power sitting in your reserve. This reserve allows your business to scale if you are expecting a large volume of traffic on your website.

Virtual Desktops

A virtual desktop allows users to access their desktop from anywhere using any device. This allows IT companies to manage your desktops from a centrally located data centre. This eliminates the need to update and install applications on individual machines. This, in turn, creates a more powerful system then relying on endpoint desktops.

Virtual desktops are as simple to use as a physical desktop. Users log in to the desktop from their chosen device and connect via the network to the virtual desktop where all their work is stored.

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