In an ever-changing marketing landscape, trends are constantly evolving. Brand story telling in 2023 is going to be videos and more videos. As TikTok keeps rising through the ranks as one of the leading social media apps, it was bound to be the case that videos would come out on top.  

We are aware that one of the best methods to engage audiences, interact with customers, and establish your brand personality is through brand storytelling. Brand story telling has been around for years from sharing tutorials, information on products, personal experiences and so on.  


Vlogging began through YouTube, your favourite YouTubers would share their day to day lives and experience with their audience. It made it personal and was an effective way to talk about products or services in a cost-effective way. Today, creator’s vlog on all social media sites from Instagram, YouTube and the ever-popular TikTok.  

Vlogs are a great way of creating the human connection with your audience, showing your brand personality and garnering trust with consumers. Video marketing increases your engagement on social and digital channels and increases conversion rates. This is a very powerful tool and used correctly can skyrocket your brand to new heights. Don’t miss out this year and start recording! 

Social Media Stories  

We have just spoken about vlogs, and similar to vlogs are social media stories Brisbane. It creates the best personal connection that other video marketing trends as they are slightly different from vlogging. Social media stories provide a more casual and relaxed approach, it is the un-edited, behind the scenes approach to your brand. It is the snippets of moments that don’t quite belong on those glitzy edited videos with the best of the best production.  

It is a place where a customer can interact directly and you with them, from polls or Q&A’s through Instagram to re-sharing stories from customers who have tagged your in their personal stories of either using, wearing or talking about your product. Make sure to utilise this more personal approach and create that trust.  

User-Generated Content  

User-Generated Content Brisbane is increasingly becoming the more preferred trustworthy approach for consumers, bringing more authenticity than branded content. Similar to Social Media Stories we have just mentioned, customers can create video material on their own social media platforms, which you can then publish to increase its exposure. There is a bit more to it then just sharing a post you’ve been tagged in.  

UCG content builds that trust and can have big impact on influencing buying decision and finding this third party content is easier than ever with the popularity of video content. There are a few approaches to this sort of content and at the top of the list would be, working with UGC creators! You’ve heard it, there are now people out there in the world dedicated to creating User-Generated Content. They are similar to influencers but make content purely for you to use and share with your audience. You can also use incentives or referral programs to get customers on board and creating content.  

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