Why Set Up Facebook Shop for Your Business?

Gain a Larger Reach

Since Instagram launched their Instagram Shopping, 130 million users have clicked to shop businesses products. Utilising Instagram’s idea, Facebook has opened Facebook shopping in conjunction with their Facebook Marketplace. Facebook has over 200 million users yearly, which has the potential to exceed Instagram Shopping reach. Obviously not all of these users are going to be after your goods or services but that is a large audience at your fingertips! Facebook Shop allows you to tell your brands story through the use of your fonts, colours and logo to ensure your shop front is aligned with your brand strategy. Through Facebook Shop your customers can get a taste of what you have to offer!

Integrate Sales and Social Media

Facebook Shop eliminates any work that your customers have previously been doing to reach your e-commerce website. Originally, they would have to locate your Facebook page, be directed to your website and then find the products that they are after. However, you are now able to place a shop tab on the company page to eliminate the steps to gain an instant sale.

Facebook Shop also allows you to create product collections that separates the products via product line or category. By separating your products into collections, you can create a collection of unique products that you can show off using photos, videos and even link other relevant products.

You can even connect your shop with Instagram to capture an even larger audience that may be interested in your products and services.

Convenience is Key

From a shopper’s perspective, Facebook Shop is the perfect way to find products on a platform that they are already regularly using. No matter how your customer has found your Facebook Shop, it is only a few simple clicks, and your customer has all the information that they need about the product details, its collection and a range of appealing imagery to support the product.

Facebook Shop directs your customers to the business website to have hassle free payment options.

In an ever-changing world you need to be ahead of the game to ensure you are not only supporting your business but also the shopping patterns of your customers. Facebook Shop is the solution to ensure you are showcasing your products to customers that are in the market for what goods or services that you are offering.

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