Why Pay For Facebook Ads?

In 2021, Facebook app counts approximately 3 billion users. 66.09% of these users log in on a mobile device or desktop each day. These users all have a tailored timeline filled with posts that are relevant with content that they want you to see. Many of these users amongst having their daily scroll are looking for solutions to their daily life. A business creates an ad, they choose which audience they would like to reach. If you find yourself within the audience Facebook will more than likely show you the ad.

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Targeted Facebook Ads

Your ad campaigns are targeted specifically at your targeted audience to be able to achieve the best result. Facebook states that they are 89% accurate when it comes to targeted campaigns to certain audiences. Businesses are able to target audiences based on their location, demographics and interests.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Facebook Advertising is fast and drives fast results. You are reaching thousands of people as they log onto Facebook for their daily scroll. This, therefore, has the ability to increase your brands awareness on Facebook. Facebook Advertising will make people aware of what your company has to offer. Familiarity drives purchases as the customers become comfortable with your brand.

Engaging Customers

Have you noticed when you visit a website and saw their Facebook ad not long after? This is a marketing strategy called remarketing which allows you to target recent website visitors. Therefore, if a customer visits your site but does not purchase or contact you, you are able to target them on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising also has the potential to drive repeat business from previous customers. Using their audience feature, you can import prior customers emails into your Facebook advertising campaign. This allows you to reengage with an audience that is most likely to buy from you.

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