What are the Benefits of a Ticketing Support System?

Support ticketing systems play a vital role in helping businesses. It allows for centralised communication to allow for better customer service at a rapid pace for you. Are you sick of your IT issue remaining unresolved? Find out how switching to a Manage Services Provider that utilises support ticketing systems can help you:

Faster Ticket Resolution

A good help desk ticketing system streamlines the administrative process of help desk cases. Allowing for the support team members to address your problems immediately rather then completing administrative paperwork. When a ticket is submitted, it is automatically entered into the system and ordered based on its urgency. This will allow for your urgent requests to be answered in a timely matter by a support team member that is equipped to handle you I.T request.

Personalised Support

A support ticketing system means a streamlined system for your managed services provider. For you, this means more time to spend on your support issues. The time saved through the automation can be utilised talking to you. This will make a huge difference when it comes to the personalised support that you will receive. This may include longer conversations to ensure that they understand the problem or follow up conversations to ensure the problem is resolved. This will go a long way when it comes to increased problem solution time.

The personalised support system will also store information about you. This will include basic information such as your name and email address as well as your support history. Armed with your history, your support personal will be able to create a personable experience.

High Quality Support

Support ticketing automates your need based on certain categories. This may include whether you use Windows or Mac operating systems. This, therefore, assigns you to certain support reps based on their wealth of knowledge. This allows for specialised reps to assist you with areas that they are familiar with.

This in turn allows for your issue to be closed quicker as it does not require it to be escalated to someone with more knowledge. This ensures that you are talking to a support team member that can assist you with your exact issue rather then talking to someone that is not familiar with your issue.

Improved Customer Service

A ticketing support system allows for a single centralised system to handle all of your IT support requirements. Therefore, allowing for easy communication from you and your support staff. A centralised system means that all of your conversations threads are going to be in the one place. This means that if your support team member has to change, all your previous communication is there for them to access. This eliminates the need for you to re-explain your issue. You can also easily respond to the email if you require further support for a streamlined process.

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