Top 5 Reasons To Use Google Ads

1. Google Reaches a Larger Audience

Google has become the superior search engine of choice to find answers to your burning questions. Google processes 3.5 billion searches per day, breaking this down, Google processes over 40,000 search queries a second. Among these searches are people looking for answers that your business can answer. If you can help them find the answer, chances are they’ll choose you over your competitor.

2. Advertising Intent

The key difference between Google Ads management Brisbane and other forms of advertising is their intent. Social media advertisement captures individuals who are wanting an escape to view baby photos and vacations – they aren’t after solutions for their everyday lives. When you advertise to people who don’t want to be viewing advertisement, you have a better chance of being tuned out.

On Google, you are advertising to people that are there looking for something specific. When your ad appears, it helps customers find an answer instead of interrupting their daily scroll.

3. Google Ads are Measurable and Flexible

Google Ads provide flexibility through their customizability options for your campaign that suits your specific needs. Google Ads management Brisbane can be used for:

  • Specific keywords match types – This allows you to display your ad for exact keyword searches. You are able to set up “Brisbane restaurants” compared to general searches for “Brisbane” or “restaurants”.
  • Ad extensions give you the ability to display everything from contact information, product image as well as links to your site.
  • Google Ads allows you to narrow your audience, change your settings so that you can be discovered by your audience’s location, the time of day, their language and even the device that they are using.
4. Control Your Advertising Costs

Google Ads allows you to set a maximum cost per day for your campaign. How does this help your business? It allows you to budget your campaigns without worrying about daily spend. Worst case scenario, your ads will decrease as your budget gets lower. But you can control your budgets accordingly!

5. Measure Your Success!

Google Ads allows you to easily measure your success. As soon as you land a click, you’ll know. If someone purchased your product, downloaded your app or booked an appointment you’ll see this too! By tracking which of your ads is being seen and which aren’t you’ll be able to see where to invest money, boosting your investment. Google Ads management Brisbane also provides you with valuable data including the average cost for the advertisement. You can also obtain insight into your customers shopping habits to gain valuable knowledge for future customers.

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