Social Media Advertising? What Is It?

What is Social Media Advertising? Do you need it? How can it help your business? If you have a business and have not utilised Social Media Advertising, let’s discuss how you may be missing out on this powerful tool and why it is such an important part of any business and their advertising.  


Social Media Advertising can expand your reach to potential customers and showcase your service or product to a range of social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and more.

Social Media Advertising is important for every business in Brisbane to create attention and stay front of mind when potential clients are leafing through a social media platform.

As more and more social media platforms are created, you may feel overwhelmed in which would work well for your business. The best platforms to start with would be Instagram and Facebook.

Using a social media platform compliments well in conjunction with Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation with remarketing methods that can direct prospective customers back to your website.  

Brand Awareness  

Building brand awareness with social media advertising in Brisbane is a terrific approach to drive more relevant visitors to your website.

Because each business is unique, it is recommended to create a customised strategy specific to your sector in order to set realistic expectations. We highly recommend social media advertising for both established companies and small businesses.   

Facebook Advertising  

Social Media Advertising in Brisbane with a local company can put your mind at ease. Facebook offers many different avenues of campaign styles that will suit your business to get eyes on your products, services and brand.

Establishing your goals and objectives will set the campaigns up nicely to target correctly and to the right audience.  

Digital Accord in Brisbane can set up campaigns to drive the following outcomes: 

Instagram Advertising  

Social Media Advertising on Instagram is similar but also different to Facebook Ads. Instagram Ads appear more natural on the app and is similar to the organic content that is usually seen in your Instagram feed.

These ads will show a sponsored label so you know it’s an ad and they have great extras that aren’t seen on organic post’s, such as links, product tags and more.  

Our Digital Accord Brisbane agency can offer the following ads to your audience:  

Why You Need It 

The typical person uses social media for an average of three hours every day. In considering this, if you don't advertise on social media, you are losing out on everyday opportunities to gain considerable exposure to the demographic you are targeting.

Digital Accord can help you reach your goals with our social media management services, which feature eye-catching ads and creative messaging, your brand awareness and enquiries from the correct audience will flourish. Get in touch with us today. 

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