What we did

  • - Website design & development
  • - Digital Marketing
  • - Cloud Hosting
  • - Brand Creation
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About the client

Podium Project Marketing are a sales aggregator of Investment Property Australia wide. Podium Project Marketing have provided thousands of investment properties to their business partners and allowed for their clients end customers to receive the best possible house or apartment for their budget.


The Problem

Digital Accord was approached by Podium Project Marketing to help fix and maintain their current Information Technology infrastructure. They were also struggling with numerous deficiencies in their sales process and extensive manual time being required to enter and manage their stock lists and levels.


The Solution

Cloud Hosting

Digital Accord implemented a complete Accord Cloud solution, providing all data and remote desktop solutions for business. This allowed for all staff to have a central point of communication and collaboration, increasing productivity and removing IT overheads within their offices state wide.

Website Design

Podium Project Marketing was previously managing their client’s stock through a manual process which had huge deficiencies, in terms of time management and overlaps of sales occurring. Digital Accord developed a custom website portal which allows for clients to log in and place properties; on hold, sold and make expression of interests. This allowed Podium to streamline their sales process.

Furthermore, Podium Project Marketing have recently developed a custom, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which was a custom web application built and maintained by Digital Accord. This has allowed the integration of websites, marketing material, and internal staff chatter through a single point of use, and enables internal staff across the company to have a greater understanding of deals and prospective partners.


The Result

Social Ads & Paid Search driving 80% of site traffic during brand launch

836 new website users in first 2 months

Google Ads average Top Of Page Rate of 68%, ahead of major competitors

39 Conversions Per Month

847 Engaged Facebook Users per month

35% Email Open Rate & 26% Click Rate