Maximise Your Social Media Marketing

Social media Brisbane has expanded significantly as a means to connect across numerous platforms. It’s imperative to build your brand on social media to increase awareness and engagement on your platforms. The competition for recognition in this field is fierce. To ensure you stand out from the crowd you need to find your distinctive brand across all social media platforms.

Complete and Clear Profile

In order for people to reach your page, you need to have a completely built profile. When customers reach your profile, you need to be able to provide them with all the necessary information that they will require within seconds. This can include your location, email information, online store link, business hours, etc.

Google is a front runner for most people to find their information about your business. Ensure your Google My Business has all the relevant information for people to be able to find and contact you.

You will need to conduct some research to understand what the key terms are that people will be searching for with your business and your competitor. These relevant search terms can be used in your hashtags in your social media posts!

Conduct Competitor Research

A simple google search can provide you with general advice on what to post on your social media posts however, no one knows your brand quite like you! When designing a social media marketing strategy Brisbane, you want to know what will work and what your audience is likely to respond to. What’s relevant for your specific brand is going to be different for other industries and businesses.

Therefore, you need to conduct research in your local market to understand your competitor and the current responses to similar brands. You can get an idea of what works and what doesn’t to help guide your strategy.

Firstly, find your competitors in your market. These businesses are already reaching people that would also be of interest of your busines. Using their audience to gauge what reaction you will receive to similar products will be beneficial in creating your own campaign.  

Identify Key Content Trends

Social media trends change rapidly, and you want to stay up with these trends! To determine the right hashtags and content to be posting you must be consistently carrying out research. The relevance of the platform may also vary depending on your line of business regardless of whether your competitors are using these platforms or not.

Engaging with data trend tools such as Google Trends and Snapchat Trends can give you an idea of whether people are engaging with content related to your business. Based on this research you may discover social media platforms that your competitors are not yet using such as TikTok.

Based on your research you can create a calculated strategy to build your audience. You’ll find out what posts generates the largest engagement and what trends are going to best suit your business. This can be a timely task but an investment that will be worth your time!

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