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Google Adwords PPC & Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a process that involves optimising your website to achieve a higher search engine results page (SERP) Ranking. This is completed by various improvements, upgraded and configurations all aimed at ensuring that when search engine bots crawl your website, that is crawled accurately and favourably.

Google Adwords (PPC)

Wanting to get instant results for your invested marketing budget? Look no further than our Google Adwords Campaigns. We provide our clients with guaranteed results by discussing with our clients the importance of the services you offer. From there, Digital Accord conducts extensive keyword research in order to gather the best results for your business. Adwords PPC or Pay Per Click, provides an instant ROI by supplying targeted parties to your website or landing pages.

Within optimising your website and providing a SEO campaign,
Digital Accord will provide the following tasks:









Optimise meta tags

We will ensure your META Tags and META descriptions are in place. These tags provide a way for the search engine to get a very broad understanding of what field your business is conducted in.

XML site map

A site map provides a way for crawling bots to gain a understanding of the pages in which your website contains. Sitemaps can also be used to help bots to navigate their way through your website.

Editing of pages

By editing the layout and content of the website, Digital Accord is able to provide your business with the most up to date content all all times. By editing the page flow of the website, we are able to provide a better user experience to the client as well as the indexing bots.


Being the most simple file of all does not make up for the importance. This file helps crawling bots to know which pages to index and which do not. Of course there is a strategic monologue to this, however we will ensure that your Robot.txt file is well de-signed and effective

Within preparing your Google Adwords Campaign,
Digital Accord will provide the following tasks:









Prepare Your Campaign

After meeting with you, we will ensure your target market and current website is optimised to get the best ROI on your campaign. By providing tailored tips and keyword analysis, Digital Accord can provide a better platform for success, meaning more leads through your website, which is more clients for you to engage with.

Setting Target Budgets

After analyzing your industry, Digital Accord will discuss budgets with you. Budgets is what allows your campaign to stay within reason cost wise. This will allow you to cap your daily/monthly spend on your campaign to avoid any nasty suprises.

Maintaining your Campaign

Digital Accord’s Google Account Managers are constantly monitoring your campaign to ensure you are getting the best possible performance out of your campaign. By maximising your budget through effective bids and CPC monitors, we are able to tailor your campaign in order for you to get the best possible results.

Monthly Reporting

Don’t want to just be another number to every other Digital Marketing company? Digital Accord provides reporting of your campaign on monthly cycles and provides recommendations for the next concurrent month. Our account managers are open to calls anytime regarding your campaign and have extensive knowledge within the Google Adwords platform.