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Let’s Look At UX, And How To Avoid Some Basic Web Design Flaws


Hold On, What Is UX?

User Experience, or UX, refers to the way visitors feel about interacting with your website. On a similar note, usability is about the functionality of the website, and how easy it is to navigate and complete desired actions. These two elements of any website are closely connected, and foremost influential in the results you will see for your business and brand favourability. Why?

  • If users can’t find the information they’re looking for, they will likely become frustrated and abandon your site. This dissatisfaction may also change a previously positive perception or expectation of your business.
  • The more difficult your website is to use, the higher your bounce rate will usually be, and vice versa.
  • A poor or disappointing experience can mean fewer return visitors, less referral traffic, and limit the number of conversions.


So How Can You Avoid Some Basic Web Design Flaws?

  1. Provide Clear Navigation

Whilst it may sound like common sense; having an obviously visible and logical site menu and headings is critical to guiding users through your content and facilitating their goals. If a person lands on your home page, whether they were directed from a specific ad or found you via another source, they want to immediately see or be prompted to the information they came to find. Without menu items appearing in the first line of vision, and effective headings &/or sub-headings, users would be endlessly scrolling and randomly clicking, whilst growing annoyed at their required effort. In a nutshell, be sure to use meaningful menu headings and allow seamless movement between web pages.

  1. Optimise Site Speed (Across Devices)

Everyone knows the frustration of waiting for what feels like light years for a website to load. A slow website response or sluggish performance can quickly deter visitors, not to mention drive up your bounce rate and miss out on potential conversions. Although your website may contain dozens of elements, it is still possible for fast load times and thereby for your website to rank higher on Google both organically and in ads. Google’s ‘PageSpeed Insights’ tool is a great way to test your website speed and find suggestions for how to optimise page load times, tailored to where your website is underperforming. How handy is that!

  1. Create A Unique Design With Effortless Functionality

Almost every business has a website, right? So standing out from direct competitors, and just all other websites in general, is becoming rather difficult but increasingly important. Creativity in design is key, and you want to steer clear of cookie cutter themes that you see businesses across the internet use. Dynamic and interactive elements are both a way to maintain user interest but also facilitate action in a novel and exciting manner. Including a brief video, graphic animation, or even a cool page scroll can give your website the edge it needs to entice users back. However, aesthetics shouldn’t be at the expense of practicality. Whatever your product or service, the path to enquiry or purchase should be evident to consumers straight away. Keep pages neat and uncluttered, with only the most important information presented succinctly, and make it quick and easy for people to get in touch if they want to know more.

So the crux of it is: Make your website super easy to navigate, quick as a flash to load, attractive & functional across devices, and innovative to excite & distinguish.  

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