What we did

  • - Website design & development
  • - Digital Marketing
  • - Cloud Hosting
  • - Brand Creation
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About the client

Kooringal Homes was established as a division of GW Homes, focused on offering a range of affordable, preset home designs. The company is also within the home building industry in South East QLD, and provides house packages with tiered inclusions levels. This innovative approach sets the brand apart from other builders and GW Homes, which rather focuses on custom homes and more luxury designs.


The Problem

As the business – ‘Kooringal Homes’ – was new to the industry and completely unfamiliar to people, our project involved much of the brand launch activity. A website was required to be created from scratch that would thoroughly convey the company’s mission and appealing points of differentiation from the well established collection of other home builders in Queensland. In a highly saturated market, it was essential to quickly build widespread awareness among the target audience, who are individuals seeking highly affordable homes with designs that are modern but simple, to provide a faster, more hassle-free building experience.


The Solution

Website Design

To enable a fun, smooth user journey where finding out about the business, browsing home designs, and contacting the company are all actions made as simple as possible to complete

  • Without any prior content or visual inspiration, our designers brainstormed to develop a website theme that seemed fitting for the brand’s purpose, and would provide an enjoyable and interesting user experience
  • Given the brief, and equipped with a solid understanding of Kooringal Homes’ offering, we got stuck into writing copy for the main site pages, and building a visual format that would be reflected across the site
  • Ad groups were tailored to the main types of home builds and succinct but impactful ads target primary ‘selling points’
  • We used the primary blue brand colour throughout, and simple shapes and graphics to convey the sophisticated simplicity of the intended brand character
  • The site menu is cleverly positioned on a vertical left banner, so as not to distract from the high impact imagery, and remain prominently visible while scrolling and navigating across pages
  • Our layout for the Home Designs page gives users the ability to easily input their desired living and see tailored results, for optimal functionality
  • The result is a flowing process that seamlessly guides users to conversion, with selection of a particular design, exploring house details, choosing an inclusions level, and finally enquiring

Digital Marketing

To launch the Kooringal Homes brand with high reach and strong engagement, and create a steady inflow of enquiries

  • Prior to completion of the website, a Facebook Page was set up and a campaign run to generate initial Page likes and build widespread awareness
  • Regular posts, both organic and sponsored, initiated interest, informed viewers, and ultimately created hype in the leadup to website launch
  • Initial promotional campaigns resulted in reach of 33,000 and 556 engagement actions
  • We implemented an SEM strategy to ensure the company appeared for relevant searches in Google, to further amplify awareness and direct website visits
  • Our digital marketing strategy has ensured Kooringal Homes is positioned competitively in a highly saturated market, and effectively capture their target customer


The Result

Social Ads & Paid Search driving 80% of site traffic during brand launch

836 new website users in first 2 months

Google Ads average Top Of Page Rate of 68%, ahead of major competitors

39 Conversions Per Month

847 Engaged Facebook Users per month

35% Email Open Rate & 26% Click Rate