Is Your Business Prepared for Black Friday?  

As prices continue to rise consumers are constantly on the hunt for a deal. With Black Friday being around the corner, the most recognisable sale day around the world, this is a great opportunity for businesses to prepare and take advantage of this. In this blog we will talk through the value of Black Friday Sales for businesses and how a Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane, like Digital Accord, can assist businesses to implement to have a successful Black Friday campaign.  

Marketing and Advertising – Preparing a comprehensive marketing strategy is important as it allows potential and existing clients know that the business is participating in the Black Friday sale event and to expect a sale. When putting together a marketing strategy for Black Friday it is good for businesses to look at their performance from the previous years and see what performed well, what didn’t work and gaps that were not identified at the time from there they can incorporate it for the upcoming Black Friday Sale, this is where reaching out to a Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane such as Digital Accord can benefit businesses.    

Customer Engagement – Knowing your demographic and building on it is key, as this builds a loyal customer base ensuring repeat sales and these customers may act as trustworthy brand ambassador recommending the business to their friends, family and any public forums they may be a part of. An example of what a business can do to enhance customer engagement, is email marketing to existing customers and running Black Friday competitions and promotions aimed specifically for your loyal customers this gives them added incentive to come back whether it is online, instore or both.  

E-commerce optimisation – There is no question that during Black Friday and the lead up to, businesses will see an increase in traffic and activity to their website. It is a good idea to seek the expertise of a Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane, like Digital Accord, to ensure that your businesses website is efficiently optimised and Black Friday ready, this not only makes it one less thing to worry about, but it is also good customer service. Making the shopping experience during a big event like Black Friday stress-free will leave shoppers with a positive experience which can lead to a feeling a sense of brand trust. Below are some questions to ask yourself about website optimisation: 

  • Is your website capable of handling increased traffic? 
  • Easy navigation for customers and are any links broken? 
  • If you are implementing discount codes, do they work? 

Online and Mobile Apps – When customers shop online for Black Friday sales it is not just on a laptop or computer a lot of consumers are shopping when they are on the go, while using their devices whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet. Making the app user friendly and accessible is important, business do not miss out on potential customers and sales because the app was not user friendly.  However, if a business does not have an app it is not the end of the world, ensuring that their website is optimised to be viewable on a device such as a mobile phone or tablet is a good alternative and developing an app may be something to consider in the future, consulting with a Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane, like Digital Accord is a good way to ensure your business is prepared.  

By taking these Black Friday preparation tips, that we have explored in this blog into consideration, businesses are able to prepare and implement strategies for a successful Black Friday event. Giving consumers the feeling of satisfaction not only with their purchases but also a positive view of the business.    

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