Inspire Your Customers With Google Ads Image Extensions

Imagery has become a key selling point for products and services as customers are opting to shop online. 86% of consumers expect businesses to have photos when shopping. Image extensions have been introduced to create a visually appealing experience for your customers when they are engaging with your ads.

Brand Amplification with Visuals

Image extension has been introduced by Google Ads to help you grow your business through relevant images of your products and services. Making it easier than ever before for your consumers to learn about your business and make immediate action. Google Ads has already seen a 10% increase in click-through rates with the new image extension. Not only does the image extension provide your consumers with a visual experience it also allows them to go directly to your website.

Rich Visuals

Google Ads Brisbane Dynamic Image Extension is an automatic process that will select your most relevant images from your landing page to appear in your ad. This will amplify your ad and help reach your performance goal with eye catching imagery. These images can be reviewed and removed at your leisure.

Ad Extension Best Practices
  • Use images that follow the Google Ads image extension guideline: No logo and text overlays, no GIFs and no blurry images.
  • Make the most of multiple images! Google Ads allows you to use up to 20 images so why not utilise this?
  • Keep your images simple – image extensions pop up as a small square next to your ad so choose images that are too busy. Don’t make your customers work to figure out your images!

Image extensions are a simple and effective way to improve the attraction of your ads. Utilise high-quality images that are relevant to your ads and keywords to get the best result!

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