How To Elevate Your Content In 2023! 

With millions of images and videos being posted to social media every day, if your content is not engaging or relevant to your audience, it may be skipped over. We asked our Brisbane Social Media Management team their best advice on elevating social media content in 2023.

Audience First Approach  

If you want your content to be relevant to your audience, start by pin pointing your ideal customer and your current existing buyers. Next, do some market research around these customers and find out their purchasing behaviours and needs/wants. Then you can begin segmenting your audience by grouping together customers based on demographics, interests, spending habits and so on. From the data you have gathered about your target audience, you can then begin researching the platforms they use and content they interact with. Then begin planning your content based off your research. If you are unsure about who your target audience is or how to create content tailored to them, contact Digital Accord. Our Brisbane Social Media Management team will create a plan to suit your business needs. 

Don’t Just Sell  

Many people are not interested in following and interacting with accounts that only focus on selling their products/services. We find that a good rule of thumb is to have 20% of your content focused on selling with the other 80% informing, educating and entertaining. Customers want to follow companies who add value to their lives. This can be done by posting helpful but entertaining content, such as FAQs. Other great content that customers interact with is testimonials, behind the scenes and user generated content. If you need help with creating content and planning posts that your customers will interact with, contact Digital Accord. Our Social Media Management in Brisbane will tailor make content to suit your business and audience.  

Follow The Trends 

The best way to have your content seen and interacted with by as many people as possible is to utilise whatever big trend is popular – as long as it is relevant to your business/customers. You should take every opportunity to assert your brand into the conversation, but ensure you are not involving your business into any controversial topics. 

Use Conversion – Optimising Images  

You should always post your content with imagery. Content with relevant images gets 94% more views, however you should put a lot of thought into the imagery you post.

Each image you post should meet this criteria: 

  • High-quality files
  • Well-taken shots  
  • No obvious stock photos  
  • Well designed 

If you would like to elevate your content in 2023, contact Digital Accord. Our Brisbane Social Media Management and Digital Design teams will tailor your content to your business goals.  

Create Video Content  

Short form video is one of the biggest social media trends in 2023. Video content gets shared more times than text and images combined. It allows you to create more meaningful connections with customers which leads to more engagement. 

Need Help With Your Social Media Management In Brisbane?  

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