How Can Online Ads Boost In-store Purchases?

Customers don’t just look at Google for online stores, they also use it to find what they want near by in a physical store. Find out how you can reach people near you that are looking for what you have to offer.

Reach Nearby Customers

Google Maps have transformed in the last year to help consumers find products they are interested in, not just where they are located. To help customers find your business, Google Ads have added three new ways for local campaigns to show up in your Google Maps.

Firstly, auto suggest will display your business to customers that are nearby and searching for businesses similar to yours.

Secondly, whilst the user is using Google maps to get to their destination, navigation will display your business. Your location can show up along the route for the user.

Thirdly, similar places ads allow you to show your location to people who are searching on maps for similar businesses. For example, if you are looking for Sushi nearby, but the place that you usually go is closed, you will be displayed alternative Sushi restaurants nearby.

What’s Available for Pickup?

Consumers want to know if your product is in stock for pick up now then ever before. In last year searches for ‘in stock’ have grown by 800%. Local Inventory ads display products that are available for pick up now or later in the day to attract customers.

Better Merchandising

It can be very difficult to keep up with the shopping trends of your customers and predict demand for your products. To aid you in ensuring you are stocking the most appropriate stock, Google has added in two new features: Historical seller data and relative demand. Historical seller data allows you to predict sales trends for the upcoming season by analysing the previous seasons sales trends. This allows you to look at last Christmas’s and Black Friday sale trends. Whilst, relative demand helps you access the potential demand of your new product against products that are in the same category as your new products. Both sale data collections help you plan and predict your upcoming sales for the Christmas period.

Google Trend also allows you to access data about what search terms people are and aren’t looking for. This can be utilised during busy shopping periods such as Christmas to explore what your shoppers are after. Therefore, you can alter your product assortments accordingly.

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