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Does your business have backups?


As Cyber Security is becoming an increasingly prominent issue for all businesses, the importance of Cloud based backups is also growing. Through our various Business IT clients based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, various threats are attempting to infiltrate businesses security measures and hold businesses hostage for their data.


So what can Digital Accord provide your business in regards to backups?

  1. 1. Offsite Cloud Backup – Backup as little or as much as you want, including; operating system files, data and configurations
  2. 2. Onsite Backups – Provide a range of hardware to backup your data to another device onsite.
  3. 3. Data Hosted Space – Have your own backup software, however require some disk space in the cloud? We have you covered.


It is extremely important for all business to have an active and managed backup solution in place. We see on far too many occassions, backups, which were “meant to be running” and other providers saying they are backing up your data, however in fact simply taking a snapshot once or twice every year. Digital Accord can provide backup solutions at intervals down to every 5 minutes if required.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our Brisbane Cloud Backup Solutions page today and see for yourself the power of our Brisbane Managed Backup Solutions.

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