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2017 – Responsive Website Design Trends


2017 is the year of the effortless design. Design trends change regularly over time, however this year being 2017,
we have noticed various design trends which are taking the web by storm.


Digital Accord believes the following trends are extremely important to take into note when you are designing your new website or web applications.

  1. 1. Take Advantage of White Space – Utilise white space effectively by shrinking the white space during the design and development of your mobile devices. Be sure to make the text of your website adapt to the sizing of different screens and shrink the white space throughout devices.
  2. 2. Consider Landscape vs Portrait – Be sure to consider whether your website suits a portrait or landscape layout. Generally a good rule of thumb to follow is if your website is displaying a large amount of content, portrait is a good solution. Alternatively, if your website has a large photo and imagery presence, you may consider opting for a landscape style design.
  3. 3. To Animate or Not to Animate? – Animations were big in the early 2000’s. Who remembers the infamous GIF’s of smiley faces running around on various websites? Well for you fans, GIF’s have made an amazing comeback in 2017, as designers are using animations to better illustrate content.
  4. 4. Keep Logo Placement the Same – Want to really know what annoys designers and developers more than anything in the world? Different logo positions on different pages. Consistency is key when providing simplistic, responsive design. Start by keeping the logo stagnant across all of your headers and pages.


Digital Accord are Brisbane Website Designers with a passion for allow our clients to have the website they have always dreamed of, whether that be business, personal or webapp.
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