Get Your Social Media Ready for Christmas

The Christmas holiday period is fast approaching making now the time to ensure your shop is ready for new sales! Businesses have an opportunity to reach shoppers that are already on social media discovery new products as we speak. Approximately 1 in 3 online shoppers say that Facebook and Instagram have helped them discover new products during the Christmas period.

Here are a few tips to be able to increase your engagement and sales leading up to Christmas:

Design a Strong Catalogue

Your catalogue contains all the information that your customers need to know about your products. A good catalogue not only makes your products easy to discover but it also drives conversions by providing your customers with all the information that they will need to make a purchase. Here are a few tips to improve your catalogue:

Update Your Catalogue – Make sure all the information about your products is up to date including inventory, products, prices and product information.

Accurately Represent Your Products – Ensure your products have a clear and concise title with a detailed description and category. You can also include key attributes including colour, size or material. Accurate shipping information is also important!

Catch Your Audience’s Attention! – Incorporate eye catching imagery in your posts! Consumers are attracted to products that have bright imagery. So have fun with it!

Get Holiday Ready!

An effective way to build your brand is to add a little Christmas spirit into your shop through your Christmas collections. Customise your collections with products you want to showcase for this Christmas period.

Be Creative! – Facebook and Instagram ads thrive on colourful and uplifting imagery. Join in on the trend to get your business noticed this Christmas period!

Keep an Eye on Your Price Points – Consider your products in your gift collection to ensure they are at a good gift price point. Utilising $20 and $50 price points allows customers to include your products in this year’s gift exchange.

Stick to Your brands Strength! – You know what your customers love to buy from you, so utilise this data. Create your collections around your top selling products!

Design Your Content to be Shoppable!

Product tags allow your customers to buy your products from every post, story or video posted on Facebook or Instagram. Tagging your products will help new customers discover your products or reconnect with customers who have previously shown interest with a picture that has context. The most successful businesses use tags across different formats:

In Your Feed – One of the easiest ways to get your products seen is to tag your products in your feed posts. You can tag up to5 products in each post to encourage sales!

In Your Stories – Using your product stickers allows your stories to be more engaging. Show behind the scenes or promotional products on your stories with a product tag to encourage interaction with your customers.

Want to get your business ready for this Christmas period? Find out how Digital Accord can get you on track to make sales today!

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