Facebook Lead Ads VS. Google Ads Landing Pages

With a plethora of tools and platforms available for marketers to utilise for their client’s advertising, it is certainly worthwhile to know which are going to be the best performing for ROI. There are many blogs addressing the question of whether Facebook lead ads or landing pages for Google Ads are more effective, and all seem to conclude that it can really only be determined with trial and error for a particular business. We take a look at the pros and cons of using each of these formats for generating customer enquiries.

Facebook lead Ads- Google Ads Landing Pages

So, what’s the verdict?

Well, for services-focused businesses where qualifying leads requires collection of numerous, targeted details, landing pages through Google Ads are probably your best bet. This will ensure that people arriving at your page are already looking to take some sort of action. These prospects usually will write a message describing what they want to know more about, making it easier to respond to their personal enquiry and have a greater chance of further engagement. Facebook Lead forms can also be customised and, with appropriate audience targeting, can still produce high quality results. It may be best to add a number of additional fields for prospects to complete to increase the effort required and therefore filter out those who are just happy to click but aren’t yet at serious consideration. Of course it’s best to test each of these ad tools prior to selecting one to completely invest budget in, and you may find that both work really well when used in conjunction. Take into consideration the pros and cons, and develop a strategy that suits your business objectives!

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