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Find out why Digital Accord is quickly becoming a leading force within the IT industry.

Roses are #ff0000
Violets are #0000ff
Jei needs to confess
He’s bad at poetry

Jei – Lead Graphic Designer

Three Reasons

to choose Digital Accord for your IT needs.

We are an Australian Startup, who recruits professionals in their industry.

Whilst we may be young (6 Years and Counting), we have quickly become one of Australia’s leading IT providers of Hosting, Cloud Solutions, Website Development, Digital Marketing and Support Services. We take the time to understand your business and work with you reach our goals.

Everyone is Equal

Whether you are an experienced IT professional yourself, an Enterprise business, or a startup business, we have solutions and tailor made for each industry. We pride ourselves of being an all in one provider of various IT solutions.

Innovators, and IT Scientists

Believe the hype! We investigate new technology and develop our own solutions which we believe will ultimately benefit all our clients. From our DA Cloud Hosting Solutions, to Custom Website Development, our team can provide you with exactly what you need.