Do I Need an IT Provider For My Business?

Are you tired of your IT providers not being able to meet your IT needs? Are they progressively getting more expensive?

Digital Accord’s in-house IT team specialise in fixing any IT issues that you may encounter. We pride ourselves on working with you to ensure that we can decrease your business costs whilst ensuring an optimal service that keeps your business moving.

Reasons to use a Managed IT Service:

Relying on in-house IT maintenance has the potential for huge overhead costs. Employing a Managed IT Service (MIS) has the ability to be cost-effective with a return on the investment. Managed IT services only require you to pay for what you need to save on your budget.

Reliable and Efficient

Employing an in-house team member to manage your IT without adequate knowledge leads to inefficiency. Outsourcing allows you to employ a team that has an entire IT infrastructure that is set up to help your business succeed.

IT Strategy

Managed IT Services have a strategic and dedicated plan for your business. Not only is this plan dedicated to ensuring a great IT support, but it also allows for you to have a plan that is inline with the goals of your business.

Current Technology

Keeping up with the latest trends in technology can be time consuming. Having a dedicated team to ensuring your business is up to date with the current technology allows you to stay ahead of the game. A MIS allows you to have access to the latest software, resources and knowledge about the newest information.

IT Security

Managed IT Services provide protection against any possible security breaches. A MIS employs security policies and protocols to ensure security across your IT systems.

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