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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Getting your name out there and generating solid customer enquiries is a tricky task. Staying up to speed with technical advancements to maintain those top spots on Google can be mind boggling and time consuming. We take that stress away by setting up and monitoring your Google Ads campaigns so that your brand benefits from high search engine visibility and qualified leads.

How can we help?


We meet with you to really get to know your business – the products and services you offer, and objectives for your campaign. We gain a thorough understanding of what aspects of your business you would like to promote and the actions you would like to generate. We ensure your target market is well defined and current website is optimised to get the best ROI on your campaign.


We then conduct extensive keyword research and develop a list that considers the volumes of search terms, cost per click, and relevance to your brand. These are sorted into groups within a campaign to specifically target and drive results for that product or service. We ensure you see the results for your budget on pay per click (PPC) campaigns, by directing your ideal customers to your website or landing pages. We discuss budgets so that your daily/monthly spend will never exceed a certain cost, avoiding any surprises in your bill.


Our Google Account managers are constantly monitoring your campaign, to ensure you are seeing the best possible performance. By maximising your budget through effective bids and cost per click adjustments, we are able to tailor ads to generate increased goal actions. As part of our ongoing monitoring, we provide detailed monthly reports and recommendations for the next month. Our account managers are open to calls anytime regarding your campaign, and have extensive knowledge of the Google Ads platform.

Social Media Advertising

The domination and rapid, widespread adoption of social media by people of all walks of life provides all businesses with an exciting opportunity to reach and engage with potential customers. Whatever you’re selling, one or a few social platforms are bound to improve your brand awareness and increase enquiries. But focusing advertising on the right channels and audience, with a highly effective message, to make the most of your budget, can be a challenge.

How can we help?


We meet with you to discuss the goals for your social media campaign, and broader marketing. Equipped with a strong understanding of your target audience, product/service, and previous advertising performance, we can develop a strategy to best achieve your objectives. We will provide recommendations regarding which channels will be effective, and the content and targeting approach to be implemented.


We set up your campaign/s according to this strategy, which of course includes your desired spend on the selected platforms. You will receive an outline and preview of all campaign details and the appearance of ads prior to making them active. We will always check to get the ‘A-OK’ before any new or changed material begins running.


As your campaign/s are active, we keep you updated with the results and provide monthly reports detailing performance. Our digital marketing specialists constantly monitor your campaigns to ensure ads are generating the desired action, and all costs remain steady.

Marketing Plans

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Whether you’re a small business just finding your feet in the realm of marketing, or a growing, large company needing to advance your advertising and increase ROI, we provide tiered plans to suit your level of needs and boost your results.

Social Media Management

Maintaining and continually improving your online presence is vital to grow your brand’s following and keep existing fans engaged. With so much on the go, it can often be hard for businesses to find the time, or to not spend excessive time, attending to the task of updating and constantly creating relevant content. Digital Accord can check this item off your to-do list.

How can we help?


First, we will meet with you to learn all about your business. A thorough understanding of your overall objectives will inform us as to how organic social posts and activity can contribute to achieving these goals.


Secondly, we develop a detailed audit that provides an analysis of your current profiles and activity. We then create a proposal which will outline the social channels and types of content that will best reach and engage your followers and ideal customers.


We touch base again to discuss the proposal, giving you the floor to ask any questions and provide feedback. Once the proposal is approved, we begin writing and creating content, and posts are then scheduled on a regular time basis.

Social Media
Management Plans

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Whether you’re looking for assistance creating content or managing social interactions, such as responding to comments or messages, our Social Media Management plans cater for whatever your needs.

Email Marketing

Whilst there is a common belief that email marketing is ineffective, and all people are ‘turned off’ by receiving company emails, these misconceptions can lead you to miss out on what is actually a very unique and valuable opportunity. Email has an ability many channels don’t: To create meaningful, personal touches – at scale.

With integration of MailChimp, a resourceful Email Marketing platform; Digital Accord can set up, schedule, and analyse campaigns designed for different purposes, audiences, and outcomes. We utilise MailChimp’s powerful tools to build all manner of email types, from a monthly newsletter to one-off promotion, and always test the appearance & functionality in inboxes across devices and email providers.

Once sent out, we look at and report on the rate of opens, clicks, and other actions taken within and from your email. This gives a clear picture of whether a campaign was effective in achieving the result you were after, with specifics providing new insights to enhance other marketing activities.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a fundamental craft for any business, and can even draw the line between youand your competitors. From social media content to formal brand material, the thoughts and actions that can be inspired through an artistic and compelling design represent an advantage that shouldn’t be underestimated.


Digital Accord produce everything from simple templates for social posts to sophisticated business documents, and inventive brand logos to professional brochures. We know the thought of learning how to use design tools and software can be deterring, so we give you guidance and access to templates wherever possible, so you don’t have to stumble your way around Photoshop.


We believe that effective design for any and all branding material should be easy and consistent.That’s why our Graphic Design service is available as an ‘add on’ to any other digital marketing plan, with our team providing timely and attentive work for whatever your needs may be.


CRM Set Up & Automation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to an integrated, data-driven solution that improves how you interact and do business with customers. With a wealth of CRM software available, businesses can seamlessly manage & maintain customer relationships through one database which tracks leads in a pipeline tailored to a particular sales process.

Digital Accord understand the benefits of CRM for our clients and encourage use of such a program to optimise business processes. We work closely with you to select a CRM platform and plan that will be most effective, set this up ready for you to use, and guide you through the functionality.

Depending on your business type and needs, we implement automation of various tasks to further simplify, and reduce the time and effort needed on your end. This can include set up of automated, targeted email responses to enquiries, and integration with your website, email marketing tools, and other marketing platforms to build a smooth and structured flow of customers and work.

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