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Take advantage of Digital Accord’s Cloud Backup Solutions

Our Cloud Backup Solutions

Secure your Website, Emails, Databases and
Files with our Cloud Backup Solutions

At Digital Accord, we understand that your files are important. We understand the absolute necessity in having your website content, emails, or cloud files secured and backed up periodically.
We have tailor made our Cloud Backup solutions for small and large businesses alike, with the option of choosing how often you would like the backups to be taken place. The advantage of choosing our solutions over others is that your dedicated space is your dedicated space. We allow clients, with multiple hosting accounts to make use of a single backup solution.
Our Backups are externally operated, which means they are not hosted on the same servers as our clients. This gives you the confidence of knowing your data is secure on an external server.

Our Process

Why choose R1Soft?

  • 1

    Easy to use and intuitive web interface.

  • 2

    Bare Metal Disaster Recovery.

  • 3

    Strong encryption on end to end points.

  • 4

    High performance capabilities with minimal impact on servers during backup.

  • 5

    Multiple recovery points with journals of disk changes.

Our Plans