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About the client

Adonis.Gear is a leading manufacturer of Street Gym Apparel based in Queensland, Australia. Adonis.Gear provide quality gymwear and fitwear worldwide through their channel partners as well direct through their online presence. Being a major influence in the fitness industry, Adonis.Gear have become a staple for gym and fitness participants worldwide.


The Problem

Adonis Gear approached Digital Accord with a vision to upgrade and allow customers to purchase their gymwear clothing directly through a E-Commerce based website. Adonis.Gear was purely reliant on third party sales and this new venture would allow for a direct increase in sales through a fully customised E-Commerce platform.


The Solution

Website Design

Digital Accord with careful consideration towards the aesthetic branding of Adonis Gear developed an E-Commerce Website which is completely customised towards their business needs. Not only does the website handle direct sales, it also acts as a stock management tool, a unique sales tool and allows for users to keep up to date with all integrations between social media channels. As Adonis.Gear has a cult like following with their unique clothing styling, this was represented within their website design allowing for large images and customised script libraries to improve visibility across all devices.