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Desktop As A Service & Remote Desktop

Digital Accord are specialist providers of Desktop As A Service or Remote Desktop Solutions.

What Is DaaS?
Desktop as a service, is a relatively new technology which allows for the centralized management of your business IT infrastructure. Imagine, removing the management costs of your internal servers and desktop machines and having the ability to access that data anywhere anytime, from any device? Sound to good to be true? Wrong! Digital Accord have been providing Cloud Hosting services and are specialists in making this transition as smooth as possible.

Advantages of Cloud Remote Desktops?


Centralised Management
Sick of paying maintenance costs for support of desktops and servers? Our services provide a full inclusive costing which is driven by our amazing Service Level Agreements.


Secure & Simple Management
Worried about security? Don’t be! All our Cloud Desktops are protected by ourredundant firewalls. File Scanning, Protected Services, DDoS Protection and Per Tenant VLAN’s


Full Power & Processing
Unlike other providers where you are sharing your resources with other users,Digital Accord purchase Dedicated Servers for each client, so that you receivethe full power of the promised resources. Want 12 Core CPU’s and 256GB Ram? No Worries, You’ve Got It


Access Desktop From Any Device, Anywhere
Sick of having to be in the office to access company data? Our Accord Cloud Desktop Solutions, allow for you to access company resources from any device with a screen and an active internet connection.


Support & Updates
Are you tired of being hit with invoices and bills for small, helpdesk type fixes for your computers/servers? We include our support and software updates/maintenance in our fixed monthly fee.


Simple Licensing Modelling
Tired of having multiple licenses, from multiple vendors for multiple uses? Digital Accord simplifies your licensing by only charging for what is required for use on our Accord Cloud Desktop solutions.