5 Last Minute Marketing Tips for the end of the Christmas Season

Christmas is right around the corner, so we have combined 5 last minute digital marketing tips to help your last minute shopper!

1. Drive Urgency

No one wants to run out of time to do their Christmas shopping! Creating urgency will encourage your customers to shop with you NOW! Same day shopping has been a common search term for customers that have left their shopping to the last minute and need their present now! Here are a few tips to help drive some urgency within your customers:

  • Add a countdown timer on your website. This could be days until Christmas or Boxing Day or even shipping cut off dates for next year.
  • If you don’t offer free click and collects for last minute purchases, now could be the time! Your customers are after a cheap and affordable option to get their last-minute gifts.
  • Ensure your sales and discounts are displayed in your ad copy. This can be created as a generic ad and carried across all of the relevant campaigns.

2. Use Add-ons

Add-ons are an easy way to increase sales and make your customers shopping experience extra special. Including gift wrapping can be an easy way to improve your customers shopping experience whilst increasing your average order value. Having ad on products that may suit your customers’ needs can also increase sales.

3. Know Your Audience

Are your ads targeting the best audience? Optimising your targeting policies will prevent any ineffective spend as well as increase your sales. You should ensure that you are capitalising on your website visitors and lookalike audience throughout this period and into the new year.

Try remarketing with customers who have previously engaged with your website or ads but have not converted. This audience is most likely to like your products and therefore purchase from you.

4. Plan Your Spend

Creating a budget for your spend means that you will be prepared to optimise your ads on the most crucial days of the Christmas period. This means that you won’t miss out on any of the busy shopping days like Boxing Day.

Make sure you are utilising seasonality bids and smart bidding. If you are expecting to have a larger conversion rate on Boxing Day, smart bidding will allow you to observe this. Smart bidding will then bid more aggressively to capture those sales throughout that day.

5. Drive Online Customers to In-store

Just because your order won’t get to your customers before Christmas does not mean that they won’t still be shopping. Driving your customers into your physical store can be a simple way to increase your sales. Make sure your search terms match search queries such as shop in-store or click and collect to drive your customers into your store.

  • Make sure your Google My Business listing is up to date and your holiday trading hours, so your customers know when you are open!
  • Add a store locator to your Google Ads for easy accessibility.

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